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How Much Do Replacement Car Keys Cost?

The loss of keys to your car is not a pleasant experience. GEICO's Emergency Roadside Service can help you quickly return to the roads.

When you lose your key It is a good idea to have a spare. To make this more convenient, we have created a list of how much replacement car keys price car keys cost.

Mechanical Keys

It wasn't long ago that misplacing a key or losing it was not a huge issue. You could purchase an extra and put it in the ignition. Today, however, automobiles are more technologically advanced and it is much more expensive to replace lost keys.

The cheapest way to do this is to employ an auto locksmith. They are usually able to copy a basic metal key at a cost of $50 or less. However, this kind of key doesn't come with an electronic chip, and therefore won't be able to unlock the doors or start the engine.

This is because modern car keys are equipped with transponders, or chips, that have to be programmed in order to function properly. This can only be accomplished by a professional who is aware of what they're doing, such as the local locksmith or an auto dealership service professional.

The cost of having a mechanical key copied is fairly low however programming the chips in modern vehicles will typically run you more than $300. The best way to prevent this is to ensure that you always have a backup key and that you keep it somewhere safe.

It's important to identify the kind of car key you own before seeking assistance. An older, standard car key has a traditional double-edged metal key that can be put into the ignition cylinder, and turned to start your car. These keys aren't as common, but they are available at your local home improvement store for $10.

The second type of car key is the transponder that has an embedded security chip that transmits a signal to the vehicle's computer system to unlock the doors and allow the engine to start. This key is harder to duplicate than a mechanical one and can only be duplicated using specific tools that are available to a locksmith or car dealer. It can cost as high as $500 or more based on the car's make and model.

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are used by vehicles to communicate with their vehicle. They are equipped with a microchip in the key. When the key is placed in the ignition or close to your vehicle, it sends an encoded code that allows your car to begin. This is a great feature as it wards off theft. It also makes it more difficult to steal your car, since a burglar would require both the key and the transmitter to turn it on and take off with it.

A transponder key is a little bit more than a regular key, but that's only because it needs to be programmed. Locksmiths are generally capable of programming keys that have transponders, but it is best to ask your dealership whether they are able to program it as well. This is because they usually have the most experience with these types of keys, and may be able to offer you a more competitive price.

Many auto manufacturers have their own anti-theft systems. This is why it is crucial to research the most important options prior to buying your next vehicle. You will be able to figure out what type of key will work with it, and whether or not it requires the use of a remote to unlock it.

Certain newer vehicles have a transponder-based password system. These are a bit more complicated as they require a particular key tool to program them. However, they are more secure as they use rolling code encryption that changes the password each time they're used. This means that even if your key has been duplicated, it won't work with your vehicle.

Regardless of what type of key you have regardless of what type, it is vital that you do not attempt to open the door of your car yourself. This could raise red flags with insurance companies and could cause a lot of mechanics to refuse to assist you in the event of indications that your car has been tampered with or forced to open. It is very difficult to obtain a new key, so make sure you contact an Mesa mobile auto lockout expert.

Laser-Cut Keys

A key that has been laser-cut is much more difficult to lose or steal than a key made of metal. These keys have no notches cut along the edge of the blade. Instead, there's a winding groove that cuts to a set depth that runs across the middle of the key's face. This makes it very easy to distinguish between a genuine and fake key when you look at it from above. The fact that they're so easy to identify also means that you're less likely to risk getting locked out if you happen to misplace your key while you're working or running errands.

If you have an uncut laser key, you'll need to talk to a professional locksmith who has the necessary equipment to make these kinds of replacements. Most of the time the hardware store you visit won't be able create an original laser-cut key since they don't have the equipment required to cut and program these types of key fobs.

A locksmith will use a machine that appears like a regular drill to cut the metal of the key, which will remove the entire surface of the key until the desired length. The unique key's code is then extracted from the VIN and the key is cut to the specifications of your vehicle.

Contrary to transponder keys that are normally used, laser-cut keys do not contain any electronic components or chips inside of them that can be replaced, so they have to be completely destroyed and replaced with a new key. Laser-cut keys can be extremely expensive since they require a full rebuild of the key.

It's always a good idea to keep at least one spare key available in case you happen to lose your car key. That way you'll be able call the locksmith to cut it and program it for you, so that you'll have access to your car without having to pay to get it towed back at the dealership.


You may not have an old classic car but your vehicle probably utilizes the latest high-tech fobs that can unlock and start the vehicle without a traditional key. These keys have special electronic chips that have to be programmed to be compatible with the specific vehicle you have. There are locksmiths who can assist you in this process but it's generally best to have your dealer handle it. They have the necessary tools and are well-versed in your specific car, which can ensure it's done correctly.

The cost of getting your car's key fob changed can cost as much as $500, based on the kind of key you use and if it's a smart or remote-controlled. This doesn't include the cost of purchasing a new mechanical backup key that you may wish to have in the event your fob gets lost or stolen.

It used to be that losing your car keys was an inconvenience, but now it's a major issue. Richard Reina, CARiD's training director, explains that modern automobiles have made keys so easy to use and strong that thieves can take keys. The advancements in car key technologies have made it more difficult for thieves.

The new keys come in different sizes and shapes however the most expensive one is one that includes the transponder and mechanical key inside the same fob. This "smart key" has a spring-loaded shank that folds up into the fob, similar to the switchblade, making it less likely to be lost or get tucked away in a coat pocket. These are typically pricier than standard remote-controlled fobs, and may require the assistance of a dealership to replace.

If you have a spare key fob that is in your car and can be copied, you might want to try to save money by ordering an aftermarket replacement key for car from a company such as Amazon or an independent key and lock specialist that offers programming for many automobiles. You might find that you can program and cut your own fob at an affordable price compared to the price a dealership will charge, thereby saving up to $200 or more. Be sure to purchase a key and fob that has the same model, year and make as your original to ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle.Hyundai.jpg


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